Though this takes place in Australia, the people of the U.S. have been dealing with the same situation. The FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID and HHS have threatened hospitals and doctors if they don’t hide vaccine injuries or deaths.

It is only through individual people sharing their stories are we learning the truth. Thanks to Dr. Ardis, we have learned the CDC and FDA were well aware of the side effects in October 2020 – two months BEFORE the vaccines went public. None of this information is being made available to the public at the time of injection. And yet, these are the injuries being reported to VAERS. As of August 6, 2021, Covid vaccine deaths are at nearly 13,000.

Per a 3-year study conducted by Harvard, only 1% of adverse events are reported to VAERS. Most doctors don’t even know VAERS exists. Adjusting for such low reporting, Covid vaccine deaths are actually closer to 1,300,000.

It is horrifying to believe our national health agencies would be full of so much corruption. It took Covid-19 for people to actually investigate what the mainstream news, Big Tech and Big Pharma have buried for the last 100 years. If I had known 40 years ago what I have learned over the last 18 months, I would never have gotten my children vaccinated.

1970 – Dr. Kass proves vaccines played no role in the 90% drop in deaths from the top infectious diseases in England and Wales- that drop happened BEFORE the vaccines were developed.

1977 – The McKinlays prove vaccines played no role in the 90% drop in deaths from the top infectious diseases in the U.S.- that drop happened BEFORE the vaccines were developed.

2000 – CDC and John Hopkins admit vaccines played no more than a 1% – 3% role in the reduction of deaths from the top infectious diseases.

2012 – CDC admits clean water played a major role in the decrease of deaths from the top infectious diseases.

Big Pharma took credit for that which it did not do…

1976 – CDC, FDA, NIH convince the president and nation to take 46 million Swine Flu vaccines by spreading massive fear, though only 1 had died and 5 had caught the virus over an 8 month period. The vaccines caused 25 deaths and left hundreds disabled.

2009 – Big Pharma makes secret deals with politicians in many European countries – if the WHO declares a level 6 pandemic, the countries agree to spend billions of euros on vaccines.

The WHO changes the definition of “pandemic” – removing the requirements of massive deaths in multiple countries and no one in the world having natural immunity.

The WHO then declared the N1H1 virus a level 6 pandemic, even though the death rate was only 0.017%. That forced all those European countries to pay massive money to Big Pharma – and leading to terrible problems of narcolepsy from too many vaccine recipients, including children.

Oct 2020 – WHO changed the definition of herd immunity – removing natural recovery from the disease as part of creating herd immunity – now pushing just vaccines.

This link contains HUNDREDS of links to scientific studies, top doctors and scientists around the world, the law surrounding the emergency use of medical EXPERIMENTAL products (and the right to refuse), and above all, the horrific, lying, corruptive 100-year history of Big Pharma.

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